Since WWII, the majority of US infrastructure has been built around cars. The result is that even low density areas end up with 10+ lane streets and monstrous size intersections like the one pictured below.

Gardena, California

Not a big deal if you just drive around everywhere. But it sucks for people who want to walk. It turns pedestrian trips into a labyrinthine and dangerous affair.

Image: Claes Tingvall of the Swedish Road Administration

Wide car lanes are sometimes necessary. They're useful in the form of highways or for main streets that cut through high density areas. But even this is probably a sign of poor urban planning.

Photo by Nixon Osckar on Unsplash

Don't these streets look safer for walking? 1-2 car lanes. No on street parking. Streets like this invite people to walk or bicycle. For longer distance travel, people can take the bus or train.

Image: @SarahJ_Berry

American streets are too damn wide. Right?!