Here you can see a few of my projects from the past few years.


Geoshen is a media/blog that filters the world through the prism of maps and geography.


Henkubao is your online portal for all things related to Asian food.

PXL Agency

Used Ember to develop the front-end for the PXL Agency website rebrand.

Who's In Your Blood?

Created an stylized ancestor search form to help promote the Assassin's Creed movie.

ApesVR website

The official website for the Ape's VR game.

Dear World, Love Simon

An app site that lets users generate personalized messages to share with friends and family.

Fathom Events

Contributed to the front-end for Fathom Event's official website.

20th Centry Fox

The official website for 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool Core

Created an online form that lets users subscribe to Deadpool Core updates.


The official website for TicketBot, a chatbot app.

Los Angeles Magazine

Helped develop the website rebrand for lamag.com back in 2015.

Sleepless Movie

The official website for Sleepless movie.

Universal Pictures

The official website for Universal Pictures.

Downsizing calculator

This website helps calculate your net worth if you were to be downsized.